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Orble Downs

July 18th 2009 02:36

I am now in a funk. I joined orble with great enthusiasm not too long ago. I had lots of great movies I thought others would like. Then out of nowhere Im not liking what I watch and what I write. First of all, I have to say to Bryan to stop posting such good movies! You take up my time with your great suggestions of movies with the reviews you offer then I am stuck watching them. Otherwise, I have seen some really non-writable movies. Some are ok but not inspiring for some reason.
I need to get back to it!
I am watching acts of worship right now and it is pretty good. I think I may just need a druggy movie to get me going.

I feel like a new kid trying to fit in to the orble community.
Well, Im here just like an unwelcomed ghost.
I really want to review Pieces soon.Rent it and then read my review


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Comment by Tracy

July 18th 2009 08:16
Hi Jake

Sometimes it can get hard to get the words down can't it? I think I have 5 unfinished film reviews that I need to do and it's taking me ages...!!

Good luck with it, it's great you're enjoying your films,


Comment by Anonymous

July 18th 2009 21:06
We'll talk later.

Comment by Jason King

July 18th 2009 23:03
Orble is like anything - it can get you down but also boost you up. Why not do a post of all the films you haven't liked of late and what you need in a film to meet your requirements for a good one?
I have watched about 20 films in the last couple of weeks since I got my new Blu Ray player and have yet to write one review on them.
As for people telling you who to avoid and be friends with I am sure you are intelligent to work out who you like and dislike for yourself. There are so many personalities on Orble and everyone has some goodness in them as well as the possibility of driving you insane
When I haven't liked some of the things I have written or Orble starts getting on my nerves I found taking a week away from Orble worked a treat.
Best of luck with all the writing. Another suggestion from what you wrote above - why not a post on your top 5 or 10 fave "druggy" movies. Be quick - I might steel the idea myself haha.

Comment by Anonymous

July 19th 2009 01:15
There are so many personalities on Orble and everyone has some goodness in them as well as the possibility of driving you insane

This has to be one of the most sensible things I have ever read on Orble.

Comment by Nevar

July 19th 2009 20:05
Troy, someone using the Good Omen is impersonating Damo, please delete the comment.

Comment by Jake 5

July 20th 2009 00:20
Tracy -
Thanks for the support.

Anonymous -
What? haha

King Jason - (i like it better that way)
Good suggestions! I think I do get into this feeling like I should review every movie I watch. That's never gonna happen. Plus, if it's late enough, I can't really type by then anyway and probably should have made some notes or just watch the movie over again.
I do love the druggy movies. And I'm always ready to hear the ones others like.

Nevar -
Thanks. That is the first time I've had someone use my post to communicate back to someone else.

Thanks for the comments... It makes me feel warm inside much like this bourbon

Comment by Jason King

July 20th 2009 06:33
Thanks Jake - I would prefer it that way too - hahaha. I only need to negotiate the amount of money the Commonwealth will pay me and will happily be royalty
I tried reviewing every movie I watched for about three months - you start losing the joy of writing or even viewing films.

My fave druggy movies are Requiem for a Dream, The Basketball Diaries, Go, Fear and Loathing & Trainspotting - they rock.

Comment by Tracy

July 20th 2009 08:25
Hi Jake

I know what you mean about feeling like you need to review each film. I often go through that and then feel bad and then end up not reviewing anything for ages as it seems so huge. Jason is right when he said that it can ruin the joy of writing or seeing films. To use a cliche, sometimes we can only do what we can there's the rest of life that we have to juggle as well!


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